The Canadian Institutes of Health Research announced this morning that effective immediately, the Institute of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health will be known as the Institute of Indigenous Peoples’ Health.

The CIHR notes that the name change is in line with the terminology used by the federal government and within the CIHR’s plan to strengthen Indigenous health research in Canada.

The newly named institute also announced the launch of its Network Environments for Indigenous Health Research project today. The project will attempt to bring researchers to communities across the province in anticipation of eventually building a research network. Approximately 12 communities will be granted money to take part in the project.

Currently, a total of $900,000 is available for the grants. Applications for the grants can be made through the CIHR before the deadline later in the spring.

Officials with the CIHR say the announcements made today are a product of the feedback the organization has gathered from consultations with Indigenous communities across Canada.

The CIHR is comprised of 13 research institutes that are dedicated to creating new scientific knowledge and to enable its translation into improved health, and more effective health services and products for Canadians.

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