As the province awaits the verdict in the second degree murder trial of Gerald Stanley two Saskatoon leaders have come together to remind the public to remain respectful in the verdict’s aftermath.

Saskatoon Tribal Chief Mark Arcand and Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark released a joint statement on Friday morning.

The following is their statement in its entirety:

“Our entire province and country have been gripped by the events surrounding the shooting and subsequent death of Colten Boushie and the trial of Gerald Stanley.

A young man’s life has been lost. Families from Red Pheasant First Nation, Biggar, Saskatoon and beyond are impacted. As we await the verdict and wonder what impact this could have on our province, and more importantly, our relations with each other, we must continue to work with each other in a good way, in a respectful way.

As the Chief of the Saskatoon Tribal Council and Mayor of Saskatoon, our hearts go out to the families and people affected by this tragedy. Our role is to build healthy, positive, respectful relationships that are rooted in understanding.

This case has cracked open the racial undercurrent in Saskatchewan with the potential to further drive a wedge of mistrust between communities. We cannot build our future with hateful dialogue and divisiveness. Reconciliation must grow from the community level to being truly valued and embodied by us as individuals. So much work has already been done—by many people—as our communities find their paths to reconciliation. As community leaders we commit to continue stepping outside racial bounds and work together to reconcile trust within our community—through meaningful dialogue and partnership.”

– Tribal Chief Mark Arcand and Mayor Charlie Clark

The jury deliberations continue in a Battleford courtroom. Stanley is on trial for the 2016 shooting death of Colten Boushie.

(PHOTO: Colten Boushie)