People are encouraged to gather tomorrow at 1 pm at the Pelican Narrows school for a rally and walk honouring Colten Boushie.

Colten Boushie’sdeath in August of 2016 resulted in the murder trial of Gerald Stanley.

Following the acquittal of Stanley and the subsequent end of the trial last Friday, rallies showing support for the Boushie family have been organized across the country.

Mary-Jane Michel, the organizer of the event in Pelican Narrows, says she feels its especially important to show support for young Indigenous people.

“We’re a huge community and I feel that we should show our support, not only for the (Boushie) family but for our own young people,” says Michel. “I want them to be safe, (and) to be able to go into a town or city and just to be safe from people that have that mentality that now we can do or say anything we want to First Nations.”

Michel also hopes that events like these will motivate changes within the justice system.

“I’m just hoping to show support and get it across to the various leaders in Saskatchewan and the justice system in Saskatchewan that its totally failing First Nations people all over the board across Canada,” says Michel.

A rally in Regina is also planned for tonight, to mark one week since the reading of the verdict. It’s scheduled to start at 6 pm at the corner of Albert Street and Victoria Avenue.

Rallies in Prince Albert and La Ronge took place earlier this week.

(PHOTO: Hundreds gather for a Colten Boushie rally in Prince Albert on Sunday. Photo by Kelly Provost.)