Marchers with the Silent No More movement took to the streets in Prince  Albert on Saturday afternoon in an effort to empower women to stand up and speak out against violence.

Marchers were met with encouraging honks from motorists while sharing words of support, as they marched from the Court Of Queen’s Bench to City Hall. The walk was one of many across the country that coincides with the launch of the organization’s #SilentNoMore social media campaign.  The Prince Albert event was coordinated by Rise Up Against Abuse, a local community group combatting violence in Prince Albert.

Among the participants were children walking with their mothers, children who some believe may be the most important to share messages of encouragement with. “Everything that we’re doing, in terms of empowering ourselves (and) making healthier choices, is going to affect those children,” says event organizer, Patricia Crowe. ” We have to remember that we’re mothers and grandmothers and that as a community that we have to take care of one another.”

The Silent No More movement was branded after a song of the same name that was co-written by Metis singer/songwriter Andrea Menard. The group’s Facebook page lists the Idle No More Indigenous movement, the  National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and the Me Too campaigns as inspirations.

Promoting a message of respect and showing support to those trying to escape abuse were major themes of the walk.  “Respect is two ways… It’s respect for men from a women’s perspective and also respect for women from a man’s perspective,” remarked Crowe. “It’s not easy to walk away from abusive relationships. It’s not easy to start addressing abuse within your family. Those are very difficult, hard things and a lot of women don’t make it through.”

(Photo: Marchers pose with signs before the walk. Photo by Travis Radke.)