A new film premiering on APTN later this week is examining life on Manitoba’s trapline.

A Life on the Line depicts Sam Karney’s journey, a Metis Manitoban who recently returned from a life in the city to work on his father’s trapline.

Like many teenagers, Karney had little interest in trapping, even though his father tried to teach him. So like many, he left behind his rural home near Roblin, Manitoba and went to the city to pursue an education and a career.

However, after a decade of living in the city, Karney felt a call back to his father’s trapline. A Life on the Line showcases Karney’s return to his father’s trapline and all the successes and failures that came with it.

“No matter how macho you think you are living in the city, there are things that happen on the trapline that make even the strongest men wilt,” said Karney.

A Life on the Line is Karney’s first full-length documentary and his first venture in front of the camera. He says he has been pitching the idea for a long time.

“Never have I had any desire to be in front of the camera, but with my father as the subject, I figured the best way to give this film the life it deserved was to immerse myself fully and actually learn what it takes to maintain the line. Needless to say, it was not easy,” said Karney.

While Karney’s mother is Metis, his father is actually not Indigenous, but after marrying a Metis woman, he was drawn to trapping. He now has over 20 years of trapping experience.

“It’s kind of funny actually,” said Sam. “Here’s my dad, a full-fledged Ukrainian, living a traditional Métis lifestyle. It’s quite something.”

A Life on the Line will premier this Sunday night on APTN. A trailer for the film can be found at: www.alifeontheline.com

(PHOTO: A Life on the Line film poster. Photo courtesy of alifeontheline.com)