Growth in grade averages of treaty education assessments is being celebrated by the Prairie Valley School Division.

The growth is cited as one of many achievements reached by the school division over the past four years.

“As a school division, we are expected to infuse treaty essential learnings into our daily practice and instruction,” said the division’s First Nations and Metis Education Coordinator, Reila Bird. “The assessments look at what our students are learning and understanding from an Indigenous worldview.”

The school division has previously administered assessments at the end of each year to be completed by students, which are intended to serve as a benchmark for their knowledge of treaty information.

“We expect our teachers to infuse it, (treaty essential learnings) in every grade (and) every subject,” said Bird. “We have students from 15 First Nations that attend our schools. Therefore, we have to acknowledge that and create an understanding. Our school board is very supportive to allow us to create programs that meet those needs.”

The Prairie Valley School Division encompasses a total of 39 schools in 32 communities and 15 First Nations. It serves approximately 8,500 students from kindergarten to Grade 12.

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