The Wanuskewin heritage park, located north of Saskatoon, is one of eight sites added to Canada’s tentative list for World Heritage Sites today.

World Heritage Sites are locations all around the world that have been noted by the United Nations to be of cultural significance.

Being put on Canada’s list means the site is eligible to be put on the UN’s World Heritage List.

Archaeological resources at the Wanuskewin site record Indigenous cultures from 6,400 years ago. Bison jumps, tipi rings and the most northerly medicine wheel recorded in North America are also located on the site. The site is considered by many to be a sacred gathering place.

“It has a phenomenal archaeological record, there are a large number of archaeological sites dating back 6,000 years. There is a medicine wheel which is a boulder alignment (that’s) quite rare and this is the most northerly one of these in North America,” says a member of the park’s board of directors, professor Ernie Walker. ” Its also a great Canadian story how this came to be, because the community put this together… This is not necessarily a government project at any level, this is the community both First Nations and Non-First Nations.”

In an interview with MBC News Walker said that he’s hopeful the park’s recognition will increase with their planned developments.

“The trail system will certainly be upgraded, the programming, for visitors, will certainly have to meet international standards,” says Walker. ” We are establishing a live bison herd in the park, so we have to acquire more land. The park has to get bigger in order to have a buffer from city development.”

The park is located approximately 15.9 KM north of downtown Saskatoon.

Canada’s government last updated their tentative list with six nominations in 2004.

(PHOTO: Courtesy Wanuskewin Heritage Park)