In the wake of a plane crash near Fond du Lac earlier this month that resulted in several passengers being hurt, some seriously, Transport Canada has suspended West Wind Aviation’s Air Operator Certificate, which prohibits the company from providing commercial air services.

Transport Canada says it took this “serious action” in the interest of public safety because the department identified deficiencies in the company’s Operational Control System.

An Operational Control System ensures that a company’s day-to-day actions are compliant with safety requirements for things such as, for example, the dispatching of personnel and aircraft.

On December 13, a West Wind Aviation aircraft, with 25 people onboard, crashed near Fond du Lac.

Transport Canada says it identified deficiencies during a post-accident inspection of West Wind Aviation from December 18 to 20.

Transport Canada says it will not allow the company to resume its commercial air service until it demonstrates compliance with aviation safety regulations.

In a release, the federal department says it expects every air operator to fully comply with aviation safety regulations.

It adds that it will continue to monitor West Wind Aviation’s actions as it works towards compliance with aviation safety regulations.

In a release, the company says it has pre-emptively and voluntarily suspended all flying operations over the last 10 days.

West Wind says it is “working diligently to resolve any issues, with the aim of restarting operations as soon as possible.”

(PHOTO: Wreckage following plane crash. Photo courtesy of the Transportation Safety Board.)