Last year’s Saskatchewan Trappers Table in Prince Albert. Photo courtesy Facebook, North Sask. Trappers.

Despite short notice and warm weather, it was a good turnout for a fur trappers table in Prince Albert this past weekend.

Gregg Charles, Vice President of the Northern Saskatchewan Trappers Association, says over 30 trappers came to sell their furs.

“Last year, we held the table over two days, while this year was just one day, but we found we got a good turnout on Saturday,” said Charles. “We had a good day.”

The NSTA Vice President says this was welcomed news, given the warm weather to start the season so far.

“Usually with the cold weather, the animals move around more than with the warm weather like this,” he said.

Charles couldn’t give exact numbers for the furs sold because of the constant fluctuation in fur prices.

He does say the NSTA hope to book the trappers table early next year, so they can move it back to the Senator Allen Bird Memorial Centre.

This past weekend’s trappers table was held at the Prince Albert Exhibition Grounds, which Charles says was confusing for some of the trappers who came down for the table.

He hopes to have next year’s event set in stone at their upcoming spring convention.