The Tolko OSB mill in Meadow Lake is celebrating two years without a lost-time accident.

Tolko says the milestone was reached on November 12.

The Meadow Lake operation is one of the first to be recognized under Tolko’s new Safety Recognition Program for surpassing 250,000 consecutive hours without a recordable safety incident.

President and CEO, Brad Thorlakson has sent a commemorative certificate and a letter of recognition to each mill.

A statement released by the company includes a list of the tactics used to encourage workplace safety.

A letter is written to employees each day from the company’s CEO andworkers are encouraged to share their reasons for staying safe via a photo board coined as the “Why I Stay Safe Board”.

“The idea popped up with our Support Team and it seemed like a reallyfun way for everyone to remember why we stay safe; it also created an opportunity for employees to bring a piece of their outside life to work with them each day,” explains Support Team member Lana Brander. “The ‘Why I Stay Safe’ board shows photos of all the reasons we do things at work to stay safe. The board also turned out to be a great way to get to know our coworkers and bring us closer together as a team.”

This month the company implemented a “Daily Safety Sign-In” board on a recommendation from an employee.

“I got the idea for the Daily Safety Sign-In board from a letter that CEO Brad Thorlakson sent out to all Tolko employees,” states Safety Advisor Brian Letkemann. “He shared a safety message that struck a chord with me regarding commitment to safety, and got me thinking ‘how can we get people thinking about safety’ – not just reading a sign, but making a commitment.”

The board is noted as a reminder for employees as to why they stay safe and helps build relationships between the employees.

The plant is setting its sights on its next goal: 500,000 recordable incident free hours.

(PHOTO: Tolko workers in Meadow Lake with gifts from the company for achieving safety goals. Photo courtesy of Tolko.)