Jeffrey Longman, the grandfather of Nikosis Jace Cantre. File photo.

It has been an emotional day of final arguments at a sentencing hearing for a teenager who killed a Saskatoon baby.

In July 2016, the then 16-year-old escaped Kilburn Hall Youth Centre while serving a ten-month sentence. She then met the family of baby Nikosis Jace Cantre at a downtown bus terminal in Saskatoon.

The family took her in, and while in their home, the teenager strangled, beat and killed the six-week old infant. An act she has pleaded guilty too.

A hearing taking place in Saskatoon this week has been trying to determine if the now 18-year-old should be sentenced as a youth or an adult.

An adult sentence would mean life in prison, while a youth sentence would carry a maximum sentence of seven years.

The family has previously asked for an adult sentence.

Crown and defence lawyers spent the day on Friday making their final arguments.

Many burst into tears and fled the courtroom while some horrifying details in the case were reiterated.

The teenage killer had her face in her hands the entire morning.

Given the nature of the case, the Justice Sanjeev Anand, who has been presiding in the hearing, said he won’t be making a decision soon.

He says he expects to render a written decision sometime in February.