The provincial government is asking people to contact Social Services if they see a homeless person exposed to the elements this winter.

Any person who finds themselves without a warm place to stay can contact the Ministry of Social Services, our community partners or 911 for help,” says Social Services Minister Paul Merriman. “We will make sure that everyone has a warm place to stay.

The calls come as part of the province’s cold weather strategy, which sees a plethora of organizations band together to offer services to help put people in contact with shelters. Participants in the strategy include the Salvation Army in Saskatoon and Regina and the YWCA in Prince Albert. Mobile Crisis Services in Prince Albert and Regina are available 24 hours a day for those needing help finding a shelter.

Members of other communities in the province are being asked to contact their local Social Services office if they require assistance in finding a living space. All Social Services centres in the province can be found on the government’s website. Agencies providing shelter and housing assistance can be found at

In the event of an emergency requiring immediate shelter, the government is encouraging people to contact 911.