Regina Giant Tiger store where Ezekial Bigknife says he was followed by an employee. Photo by Manfred Joehnck.

Ezekial Bigknife is thanking Giant Tiger for firing an employee that was filmed stalking the Indigenous man through a store last week.

The video of the loss prevention officer following the 18-year-old Bigknife was uploaded to Facebook and has since gained over 500,000 views.

Following a barrage of criticisms and negative reviews placed on the retail chain, an announcement was made earlier this week that the loss prevention officer in the viral video had been let go.

“I couldn’t be more satisfied,” says Bigknife. “I was aiming for the outcome that was given. I wanted him to lose his job and to get the message across that that’s not okay for that to happen.”

In an interview with MBC, Bigknife says he hopes this serves as a lesson not only for Giant Tiger but other stores, as well.

“I hope they take this as a lesson and learn from it that they should watch out and train their staff,” says Bigknife.

When asked if he had any advice for anyone that feels they are being racially profiled by an employee or a store, Bigknife recommended filming the incident.

“Speak up about it, don’t let it go on,” says Bigknife. “If you can record it, get it out there and show people that it’s not okay for that to happen.”

The incident occurred in Regina at the Avonhurst location.