Ken Chevaldayoff. Photo courtesy of

A Sask. Party leadership hopeful says if selected leader, he will aim to help foster healthier communities in northern Saskatchewan through the construction of greenhouses.

Ken Chevaldayoff attended prevention meetings in Pinehouse on Monday morning. He says the meetings had great discussion on issues facing the northern community, including mental health, economic development, youth justice, education and the need for greenhouses.

Chevaldayoff says in his conversations, it was clear to him there is a desire for healthier communities in the north. The construction of greenhouses would be one of several ideas Chevaldayoff says he would work toward for healthy communities.

“I would like nothing better than to be premier on January 28, and start on that movement very quickly,” he told MBC.

Chevaldayoff pledged to build one greenhouse in every major northern community. He also hopes to build community gardens, and says his government would create avenues for health-based programming.

The leadership hopeful also says education would be a priority.

“We have to make sure we are putting every priority possible for education in all communities in northern Saskatchewan,” he said.

The northern tour is a part of Chevaldayoff’s campaign of “listening to the people.”

“I am listening very closely, and if I do become premier, it will be an absolute priority for me to listen to northern Saskatchewan communities,” he said. “It is important to be here and hear from the people directly.”

Ken Chevaldayoff is a former First Nations and Metis relations minister. He was most recently minister of parks, culture and sport before stepping down to run for party leadership.

Tina Beaudry-Mellor, Alanna Koch, Scott Moe and Gordon Wyant are the others running.

The political party is set to select its new leader on January 28.