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Mining companies in the province are looking to add more Indigenous women to the workforce.

The International Minerals Innovation Institute is an organization that represents some of the biggest mining companies in the province.

In January the Institute Identified “improving access to employment opportunities in the mining sector for Indigenous people.” as its top education priority.

Other educational priorities included: Creating new opportunities for Indigenous people, promoting mining careers to young women and increasing the number of women in key mineral sector occupations.

Earlier this year The Institute began working with industry members to develop programs to assist Indigenous women with joining the mining workforce.

The Executive Director of the IMII will be reviewing and outlining the plan to employ more Indigenous women at a mining conference in Saskatoon this afternoon.

The Institute states that is hoping these new programs will lead to a long-term increase in the number of indigenous women in the mining workforce.

The IMII is now refining their proposed projects which they hope to implement early next year.