Saskatchewan Prevention Institute Executive Director Noreen Agrey.  Photo by Joel Willick

Injuries continue to be the number one leading cause of death for children and youth in Saskatchewan.

According to a report from the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute (SPI) released on Thursday, between 2004-2013 there was on average 68 injury-related-deaths in Saskatchewan for those under 20 years of age. The report also says for every child that died due to injury, 24 were hospitalized.

Motor vehicle collisions, suicides and assault are the leading cause of death while falls lead the way for hospitalization.

The Prevention Institute says many of these injuries are predictable and preventable and more must be done in Saskatchewan to prevent these injuries.

“I hope this report communicates the facts,” said SPI Executive Director Noreen Agney. “I don’t want people to be afraid that their child will inevitably be injured, however, children are vulnerable and adults need to be there to make decisions to help keep them safe. Not to keep them from every bump and bruise, but to protect them from catastrophic injury.”

SPI hosted a series of workshops and presentations on Thursday afternoon in Saskatoon to help build toward a goal of lowering the number of youth injuries.

The 10 most common causes for child and youth injury discussed in this report are falls, sports, intentional self-harm, assault, poisoning, motor vehicle occupant, cycling, all-terrain vehicle, fire and burns, and pedestrian.