Photo courtesy of Manfred Joehnck

A mega project worth millions was officially opened in the heart of Regina’s North Central neighbourhood today.

It is called the Mamaweyatitan Centre, which is a Cree word that means let’s all be together.

The centre features a high school, a 33 space daycare, a public library, a community police station and a First Nations Elder’s ceremonial room.

“Students will acquire essential knowledge from adults in real-life environments and be engaged in traditional culture, giving students a sense of connection and a clear path to find personal academic success,” said Education Minister Bronwyn Eyre.

It cost more than $42 million to build, and has been in the works for more than a decade. Construction began in 2015 and was recently completed. It came in on time and on budget.

It is state of the art and the only facility of its kind in Canada. The province provided the bulk of the funding at $31 million. The city came up with $8.8 million and the public library kicked in the rest.

Regina’s Mayor, Michael Fougere, described the centre as a game-changing facility for Regina that will help create a stronger, healthier and more engaged community.