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A storm system that dropped 112 millimeters of rain in the Buffalo Narrows region has people in the village of Buffalo Narrows doing some cleanup today.

Village Administrator, Thereas Chartier, says crews are still pumping water from some yards, but to her knowledge, no homes were flooded. She said once it started raining, she didn’t think it would ever stop.

Environment Canada says the area received 112 millimeters in 12 hours.

“It was heavy rain, just like someone had taken buckets of water and thrown them on you,” she said. “It’s been very wet here in the northwest all year, and we don’t need any more rain events, I can tell you that.”

Chartier says the Buffalo Narrows Park has been soaked all year, and now with this rain, there is water right up to the main gate.

The Water Security Agency says the downpour was a one in 100-year rain event, and the excess rain has meant that flows on tributaries to the Churchill River are expected to be increasing over the coming days. Flows on the Churchill River itself, which were holding at or near peak levels, are expected to see increases over the coming weeks.

Patrick Boyle with the agency says people using the Churchill River or any of its tributaries should take caution with the increased water levels and flows.

“Less experienced users and those lacking local knowledge of the watercourses should avoid accessing them altogether, as deep, fast moving water can pose a serious hazard,” he said.

Areas upstream of Patuanak are expected to see the most significant increases in flows and potential for flood damages from this event. The Churchill River at Patuanak was already near one in 50-year levels prior to this rainfall event.

Since mid-April, the area has experienced record or near record wet conditions.