An RCMP shootout on Onion Lake First Nation will lead to an external investigation.

Shots were fired on Saturday around noon between officers and people in a suspected stolen pickup truck.

The RCMP says shots were initiated by the suspect vehicle once it was pulled over, and the officers did not fire until more rounds were fired from the pickup while the driver tried to escape but drove into a nearby slough instead.

Police say two of the three men in the vehicle were captured after a foot chase where reinforcements and canine officers were brought in, with the third arrested the following day. The RCMP is reporting no injuries to either the suspects or officers during the entire ordeal.

The RCMP has requested an independent investigation from the Regina Police Service, saying it is policy for any member-involved gunfire to be considered a serious incident. RPS has agreed to perform “an independent, external investigation into the circumstances surrounding this incident,” the RCMP wrote in a news release.

Now, Trevor Carter ad Rocky Ochuschayoo face more than eight charges apiece and the third suspect has been released. The charges range from discharging a firearm with intent to wound to possession of stolen property over $5,000.

Carter, 29, appeared in Lloydminster court on Monday morning and Ochuschayoo, 22, is scheduled to appear in Onion Lake court on Aug. 2.