Photo courtesy of Manfred Joehnck

First Nations people were singled out and congratulated for leading the way in civil disobedience during a rally held in front of Regina City Hall this morning.

About 40 protesters showed up to voice their concern over recent comments made by Regina Mayor Michael Fougere who said, “There is never a time for civil disobedience.”

The point the speakers at the rally were trying to make was there is always a time for civil disobedience.

Michael Fougere said there was not following a protest last week in Saskatoon, where about half a dozen people had to be removed from an STC bus after its last run.

Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism spokesman, Bob Hughes, predicts this will be summer of political unrest.

“For sure this summer there is going to be civil disobedience,” he said. “It’s not going to be organized by me, but for sure there are so many things happening that people will take to the streets.”

Anti-poverty advocate, Peter Gilmer, also took part in the protest. He says the budget and the harm it does to the disadvantaged is far worse than any inconvenience caused by civil disobedience.

“I mean, there are so many people right now that are being hurt by the 2017-2018 provincial budget,” he said. “And the harm caused by that is much more hurtful and disruptive than any act of civil disobedience I can think of.”

The protest and speeches took place in front of a statue of Gandhi in front of Regina City Hall.