The accused was employed at Chief Beardy Memorial Elementary School prior to his arrest. Photo courtesy Treaty Six Education Council website.

A Beardy’s & Okemasis man accused of sexual interference against six children has chosen to forego a preliminary hearing and send his matters to the Court of Queen’s Bench.

George Gamble, 24, was arrested in April of last year and faces 16 charges including sexual assault, sexual interference, and sexual exploitation. Prior to his arrest, Gamble was employed part time at the reserve’s elementary’s school.

While technically Gamble has consented to stand trial, Crown prosecutor Tamara Rock says defence has stated in open court that he is expected to enter guilty pleas rather than going to trial.

There is no guarantee on this statement, and potential pleas would not be entered until after Gamble’s case is transferred to the Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon. Even then, there’s still at least one pretrial court date needed to lay the groundwork for the possible pleas. It will likely take a number of months before the case gets to that point.

From Rock’s perspective, she said she’s mindful that a resolution that comes without putting kids on the stand is preferable. At least one of the victims is a young girl and it’s preferable to spare her “ever having to enter a courtroom,” she said.

Rock said she expects to enter contested sentencing requests that differ from defence’s.