Happy Mary Charles. Photo courtesy of Prince Albert Police.


***UPDATE: Search organizer David Crane says 12-year-old Love McKenzie has been tracked down safe and sound by family members today.


Volunteers in Prince Albert are getting organized to begin a weekend search for two missing people.

On April 1, 42-year-old Happy Mary Charles was last seen in Prince Albert and her family has had no contact with her since then.

The second person, 12-year-old Love McKenzie, from Hall Lake, has not been seen since Wednesday evening.

Search organizer David Crane says volunteers will be using the Senator Allen Bird Gymnasium as a base to work out of.

He says they hope to get started early Saturday morning.

“Once we get all of the information in and the people involved, the families and the city Police together, then it will be established tomorrow morning exactly where they will be stating searching and what areas.”

Crane says they hope a number of people will volunteer to help.

“Any drivers or any type of volunteers, like writing names down and stuff like that, even elders, we would like elders to come to our base camp just to be there for the families.”

Anyone interested in helping out with the search can call David Crane at 1-855-425-1533 or contact the Prince Albert Police.