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The Athabasca Health Authority in northern Saskatchewan has hired a new chief executive officer.

He will be starting in May. He replaces Jennifer Conley, who has been in the position since 2012. The chair of the health board, Claire Larocque, says Conley only intended to hold the position for five years.

She is staying on until the new CEO is in place.

While he has been hired, his name is not being released until the contract has been signed and he begins work in the northern health region.

In 2014, the health region was in the news after it fired about a half a dozen EMT’s for allegedly sleeping on the job. The dispute eventually went to mediation and was settled.

As part of the settlement, both sides agreed to a confidentiality clause prohibiting the release of information on the settlement. However, Larocque says the disciplined employees did not get their jobs back.