Dakota Dunes Golf Links. Photo courtesy of Tourism Saskatchewan.

The Dakota Dunes Open near Saskatoon on the Whitecap Dakota First Nation has hit a rough patch after nine years as the tournament won’t be taking place this summer.

SIGA was the title sponsor for nine years, but has since pulled its funding for the golf event.

Brian Decker is a media official with the Mackenzie Tour and says without a title sponsor, they couldn’t go ahead with the event.

“SIGA had opted to move their priorities elsewhere, and we certainly respect that,” said Decker.

“We had a really successful nine-year partnership with them – with the Dakota Dunes Open, and we appreciated their support for all that time. The reality is, if you look at any tour, you know, tournaments change title sponsors all the time and there’s certainly a life span to it.”

Decker also says they are hopeful that in the future they can return to Dakota Dunes.