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A Metis Nation Saskatchewan election expected to be held this spring, could face another delay.

A court injunction has been filed to block next month’s Metis Nation Legislative Assembly in Saskatoon where a date for the new election was scheduled to be set.

This week, Bryan Lee, president of the Fish Lake Metis Local 108, filed the injunction, claiming the provincial Metis council’s term has expired and it does not have the legal authority to call the assembly or the election.

“No, absolutely not, if you let the election go ahead, we are going to be back in the same muddle, the same mess,” he said. “So here is an opportunity now to bring the courts into play and hopefully get an injunction to stop this meeting.”

The application is scheduled to heard in Prince Albert court on February 14th, just four days before the scheduled Legislative Assembly meeting.

Lee fears if the election goes ahead, it will eventually be ruled illegal by the courts, and the whole process will have to be repeated.