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The Metis Nation of Saskatchewan election is set for February and the newly assigned Chief Electoral Officer says this election could be a turning point for the organization.

The past five years has seen the MN-S engage in political infighting with the organization unable to come together for a legislative assembly for many years. At one point, this infighting resulted in the federal government actually withholding funding to the organization.

This past summer, the organization was able to come together to agree to hold an election on February 4th, 2017.

“This is an important election for Metis citizens across the province and there will be plenty of opportunities to vote,” says recently appointed Chief Electoral Officer, Fred Payton. “I encourage all eligible Metis voters in Saskatchewan to make their voices heard in this election.”

Given the recent history with the organization, Payton along with other analysts, are expecting a higher voter turnout during the election.

Payton believes a strong voter turnout will be the catalyst for change within the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan.

“If we get a good turnout at the polls, then we are going to elect a strong Metis government and a strong Metis government will stand all Metis people in good stead over the coming years,” he says.

Voters will be selecting five positions for the MN-S executive as well as 12 regional positions across the province.

Nominations will open on December 31st. Voters will then have an opportunity to register for the election at twelve returning offices across the province from January 20th to January 27th. On February 4th, Payton expects over 100 different sites across the province will be available for election. The location of these sites will be made available closer to the election.

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