Christian Attard, Executive Director of the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation.  Photo by Manfred Joenhck.

An in depth analysis of the social and economic factors affecting residents of Regina takes a critical look at how the aboriginal community is doing and what more needs to be done to achieve true reconciliation and economic equality.

This is the third year for the “Vital Signs” report compiled by the south Saskatchewan community foundation. It is the only report of its kind being done in the province.

Executive director, Christina Attard, says there are a number of critical areas for discussion when it comes to newcomers, the poor, the homeless, and especially Indigenous people.

Well the few things that stood out to us is that the call to action from the truth and reconciliation commission are critical to our community,” she said. “If we want to be one community where everyone can belong, we need to start doing our part.”

Attard says without economic equality there can be no true reconciliation. She adds, listing to the aboriginal community is the only way to develop lasting solutions.

The story is that when leaders work together with aboriginal and First Nations leaders we get solutions that work, when they are not including aboriginal leaders, when they are not talking to the chiefs, when they are not working with the office of treaty commissioner, things don’t tend to work out very well.”

The South Saskatchewan community foundation acts as bridge between donors and various charitable causes helping direct money to where it is needed most and will have the greatest positive impact on making the community a better place to live.