Candace Gail Moostoos leaves court on Monday. Photo by Chelsea Laskowski

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story contains graphic details that may disturb some readers.

A Melfort courtroom has heard testimony that the victim of a killing in May of last year was considered “very kind” by a woman he allegedly sexually assaulted when she was a young girl.

The testimony from Etheleen Paul came on Tuesday at the second day of the trial for Candace Moostoos, who is charged with the second-degree murder of 70-year-old Alpheus Burns on May 17, 2015.

Paul had grown up as a foster child with Burns’ family, and Burns was about two decades older than Paul. On Tuesday, defence lawyer Mary McAuley asked her “did Alpheus Burns sexually assault you throughout your youth?”

Paul responded with a firm “yes,” going on to testify that this happened through the ages of six to 12.

The two visited weekly before his death, she said. Paul had earlier testified that Moostoos’ dad came to her the night of Burns’ death saying Moostoos had killed Burns.

Paul testified she then biked to Burns’ home near the Melfort Mall and found him sitting with his arms crossed with blood on his shirt, before going to a neighbour’s home to call 911 and report a murder.

Paul confirmed she had told police “Alpheus had no enemies. Everybody loved him.”

McAuley asked why she said that, to which Paul responded that Burns was a very kind and traditional man. Paul said she had never specifically told Moostoos about the abuse by Burns.

In opening statements there were references to Burns offering Moostoos $10 to give him oral sex the night she fatally wounded him, and her refusing. The two were relatives.

There is already an agreed statement of facts saying Moostoos caused Burns’ fatal injuries.

There was a delay in testimony earlier in the day related to a Crown objection to McAuley’s line of questioning of Paul, which lasted several hours before Paul was back on the stand.

The second witness, Debbie Monkman, lived in the same apartment as Burns at the time of his death. She gave short testimony confirming she had seen Moostoos in the area the night Burns was murdered, but had not talked to her.

On Wednesday, the forensic pathologist and an RCMP officer are slated to give testimony and photo evidence in the trial by jury. The trial is set to last up to two weeks.

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