A Rural Municipality councillor has resigned from his job after posting an online comment about the shooting death of Colten Boushie.

Boushie, a 22-year-old Pheasant First Nation Man was killed after the vehicle he was in drove onto a farm in the Biggar area. The property owner, 54-year-old Gerald Stanley, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and is free on bail.

In the aftermath, Lampman farmer Ben Kautz posted a comment on the incident on the Saskatchewan Farmers Group Facebook, saying “in my mind his only mistake was leaving witnesses.”

Even though Kautz deleted it, a screenshot of the post was widely circulated. Multiple Facebook groups, including Pan-American Xroads and Settle deCOLONIZATION, posted a link to the RM’s contact page calling for those who want Kautz to resign or be removed from council to contact the office and voice their opinion.

Now, the Rural Municipality of Browning, southeast of Regina, says in a news release that it has accepted Kautz’s resignation.

The RM added this:

“The Council of the R.M. of Browning No. 34 thanks Mr. Kautz for his years of dedicated service to the R.M. as well as his volunteering on several boards, committees and associations of the community.”