A man and a woman have been charged with attempted murder after firing shots at a police vehicle.

RCMP say the incident happened north of Regina on Wednesday night after police had been following the two individuals after a series of incidents.

The night began when police heard reports that a White Dodge Caravan had fled from police during an investigation. The van was reported to be heading north of Regina on Highway 6. Police were informed the van had a firearm, so several RCMP detachments in the area were brought in to search for the vehicle.

RCMP then heard reports of a firearm being discharged out the side door of a van into an open field just north of Southey.

Shortly before 10 O’clock the van was discovered by Punnichy RCMP as the man and woman were in an altercation with a 65 year-old man in what police believe was an attempt to steal the victim’s vehicle.

When RCMP members confronted the couple they fled the scene and moments later the occupants of the van discharged a firearm at an RCMP vehicle.

A short time after RCMP were able to arrest the two individuals without incident.

24 year-old Keli William Stonechild and 32 year-old Kristin Marie Lerat, both from Regina, now face numerous charges including attempted murder, robbery with a firearm and careless use of a firearm.

They are set to appear in provincial court in Regina on Monday to face the several charges against them.