Prince Albert’s temporary solution to a water crisis is expected to be complete today and running by tomorrow.

The equipment being used is described as a huge fire hose laid out for 30 kilometres, mostly above the ground to supply the city with water from the South Saskatchewan River because the North Saskatchewan is no longer usable because of an oil spill.

City Manager, Jim Toye says the $1-million dollar project should be pumping by tomorrow.

“We’ll probably get everything hooked up – there will be 15 – 400 horsepower pumps along the way,” said Toye. “We are hoping sometime late tomorrow that we will be up and running.”

This system can only work as long as the temperature remains above freezing. Toye says he expects the water problems for the city will continue for months because of the nature of the heavy oil spill — some of the oil has sunk to the bottom of the North Saskatchewan River.

If the water is still contaminated when freeze up hits, the city is looking at modifying its water treatment plant to get rid of the hydrocarbons.

The city has implemented tough penalties for anyone who violates tough new water restrictions.

The fine is $1,400 dollars, but Toye says he expects everyone will comply and doesn’t expect any tickets will be handed out.