There was no major announcement, but history was made at the Treaty 4 Governance Centre in Fort Qu’Appelle Tuesday night.

For the first time ever, a prime minister came to the centre to meet and listen to what the 11 chiefs of the File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council had to say.

Justin Trudeau was a big hit and made a big impression on not only the chiefs, but to the dozens of others who listened to him deliver an impassioned speech.

Trudeau talked about his government’s commitment to provide $8.4 billion over five years for programs, services, education and housing for Indigenous people.

But his main message was how he plans to do that.

“And we will work with First Nations in the coming year to lay the groundwork for a new, fiscal relationship,” he said. “One that gives First Nations communities funding that is sufficient, predictable and sustained. As I said, there is much work still to be done.”

The chair of the the File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council, Edmund Bellegarde, said a new chapter has begun in relations with the federal government.

“There’s going to be calls for patience, for time, to take time,” he said. “We believe in the commitment the Prime Minister has made directly to our leadership, that there will be changes. There will be dialogue. There will be collaborative processes. The mechanisms are going to change in this country with its Indigenous peoples.”

Trudeau received applause after every answer to reporters.  He then mingled with the crowd.  There were hugs, handshakes and lots of selfies.

The Prime Minister will be meeting with Premier Brad Wall today in Saskatoon, and will also be visiting the city’s Oskayak High School.