An educational centre near Saskatoon is celebrating 25 years of environmental and Indigenous education.

The Saskatoon Public School’s Brightwater Science, Environmental and Indigenous learning Centre initially opened in 1990 to allow students the opportunity to spend time in nature.

Students would come out to the area south of Saskatoon and spend three days at the centre.

Throughout the 25 year history of Brightwater Indigenous education has weaved into the process.

Brightwater formed a ceremonial site in 2009 followed by the opening of the Indigenous Learning Centre building in 2013.

Project Manager Theresa Clark says they have been striving to broaden the Brightwater experience for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

“We want to do that so that when students come out here they have more of a worldview of how we can relate to the land and connect to it from different perspectives,” says Clark.

On Thursday staff at Brightwater are holding an open house for any interested members of the public.