A new report out of the University of Saskatchewan suggests social and economic factors have led to several health inequalities in the province.

The study says the inequalities are related to higher rates of death and mental disorders which have persisted in the province for over a decade.

According to the study, these inequalities in health status experienced by certain groups around the province are preventable.

Dr. Cory Neudorf, lead author of the study, says the report shows as you go down the socio-economic ladder, health gets worse.

“The top 80 pre cent of the population seems to have better health than the bottom 20 per cent by an order of magnitude,” says Dr. Neudorf.

The report is based on an equity study conducted by Dr. Neudorf and other researchers from the university and focused on three measures including mortality, COPD and mental disorders.

Dr. Neudorf says when these factors all appeared at a higher rate for those less fortunate.

The study was conducted over a ten year period from 2001 to 2013 and according to Dr. Neudorf the inequality has not improved and he says in some cases it is actually getting worse.

The report also includes actions to be taken by the health sector to help mitigate the issue.

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