One of the school construction projects. Photo by Joel Willick

The province was proud to unveil the designs for 18 new schools that are scheduled to open in 2017.

At an unveiling event in Saskatoon on Monday, several dignitaries were on hand to celebrate the new schools.

“It’s a great day today because it’s another step toward the completion of all these desperately needed schools,” says Regina Catholic School Division Board Chair Frank Flegel.

One of the new schools in Saskatoon’s Stonebridge neighbourhood will also provide space for several students coming from Whitecap Dakota First Nation.

“As a part of our agreement with Whitecap there are four classrooms that have been funded by the federal government, so that will accommodate those students without any pressure we would have faced had that not been there,” says Ray Morrison, Chair of the Saskatoon Public School Board.

He also says several design features are aimed at making the Whitecap students feel more comfortable.

“We’ve developed an outdoor classroom space that will build a more welcoming atmosphere, there will be bead work on the outside at the school that will match the school in Whitecap and there is a cultural room and other facilities built into the building,” says Morrison.

The schools are projected to cost $635 million.