Northern Saskatchewan has been a hiring challenge leading into the spring provincial election.

The April 4 election is about a month away, and the northern region contains many of the specific constituencies that need hundreds more people to make sure voting goes smooth.

Elections Saskatchewan spokesman Tim Kydd broke down some of the numbers. The most striking need is coming from Athabasca, which as of this week had only 30 people signed up to work out of the 170 needed.

Kydd said he isn’t sure why locations like Cumberland, Saskatchewan Rivers, Meadow Lake, and Carrot River have less than half of their vacancies filled so far, but added there are some more southern constituencies in need as well.

Aside from a few constituencies, the overall push to fill all vacancies is going well with more than 70 per cent of the 10,000 positions in Saskatchewan are already spoken for.

Kydd says it’s hard to say if areas like this are usually so difficult to hire people.

Kydd encourages anyone who can work this election, to contact them.

More information is available at the Elections Saskatchewan’s website.