Donny Parenteau is well-known for his way with the fiddle, but this year he’s trying his hand at another venture.

The famous fiddler and country artist has announced his intentions to run for Prince Albert city council.

Parenteau says he wants to help his home city move in the right direction. He says this means taking steps to increase the hospital’s capacity to take in patients.

It also means showing off what the city has to offer.

“Don’t run off to other places and buy things and do stuff. Support locally because this is what creates our economy here in Prince Albert and makes us better,” he says, adding that he’d love to see the Prince Albert Exhibition expand rather than decreasing every year.

He says his heart has always been in Prince Albert, even after he retired from performing with Neil McCoy’s band.

“This is my home. This is where I was born and raised, so after being gone 12 years to move back home and live here and start my solo career here, to build my family to what it is today, to my little girl who is 7,” he said. “I want to see her have the same things I had when I was a little kid and make the city become better like it used to be.”

He’s quick to say Prince Albert isn’t in a terrible position, but Parenteau has some ideas for how to improve the city. Specifically, he’s concerned about overcrowding at Prince Albert’s Victoria Hospital.

“Who does the Vic hospital handle besides Prince Albert? A lot of the north. A lot of the north will come into that hospital so this is where I want to focus,” he said.

Parenteau says after his performance and work with Telemiracle is done next week, he’ll be in full campaign mode.

He’s running in Ward 7, which is currently vacant. Mark Tweidt had previously been the councillor but resigned for reasons that have not been made public.

Right now, Parenteau is the only candidate who’s thrown his hat in the ring for Ward 7.