A Pahkisimon Nuye-ah Library event in Buffalo Narrows in 2015. Photo courtesy Facebook.

Buffalo Narrows has been named this year’s winner of the 25th annual “Readingest Community in Northern Saskatchewan.”

The Pahkisimon Nuye-ah Library System in Air Ronge holds the challenge every year to promote reading during the winter months.

Communities are measured by how many minutes they spend reading during any given day.

La Loche had been a powerhouse community lately, winning the challenge the previous five years in a row.

Pahkisimon Nuye-ah Director Audrey Mark says Buffalo Narrows last won the reading challenge nearly 15 years ago.

“For the last 25 years some communities may think they never be able to win, so I believe when they do win they feel a real sense of pride,” says Mark. “I am hoping Buffalo Narrows will feel that pride when they get the award.”

Mark says because this is the 25th year of the reading challenge every previous winning community will be visited by First Nations author Chad Solomon later in March.