A Prince Albert teen boy accused of trying to kill one of his peers is out of jail for the first time in months.

The 17-year-old boy accused of attempted murder in a late December shooting can’t be named because of his age. Police say he had a gun on him when they made the arrest.

The victim, a 15-year-old boy, had been shot in the face in a back alley in the city. The bullet went through his cheek and lodged in his lung.

The victim has recovered quickly, according to his mother, Lorraine Michel.

The bail hearing’s matter have brought the teen to court three separate times. This is because the judge made a number of requests to modify the release plan, which had been formed by a probations officer and the teen’s lawyer, Greg Chovin.

On Monday, the judge was finally satisfied that the public will be safe if the accused is out of jail.

The bail hearing is subject to a publication ban, but the conditions of the teen’s release are public.

He’ll be released into the care of his girlfriend’s mother. She will be responsible for supervising him 24 hours a day in her home and reporting any violations of his release conditions.

If she is no longer able to be in the teen’s presence on a constant basis or can’t house him anymore, the accused will need to go back to jail.

The accused must be in the presence of his girlfriend’s mother or his grandmother at all times. The teen cannot drink or be in possession of any weapons, and he is also banned from contacting the victim.

The judge agreed to a modified release plan for the teen after seeing the matter in court three different times.