*WARNING – This story contains graphic content that may be disturbing to some readers.


Injuries to the genital area of two young girls were detailed today at the trial of a Regina couple accused of killing the four-year-old and nearly killing her two-year-old sister.

Tammy and Kevin Goforth were the guardians of the two children when they were rushed to hospital in August of 2012.

Dr. Sharon Leibel gave graphic detail of the medical condition of the children and the injuries they had suffered.

Leibel testified they were severely malnourished, skin over wasted muscle. Even the buttock area was basically just folds of skin.

She also testified about injuries to the genital area of the girls which included internal bruising and a small tear. No explanation for the injuries was given.

Both girls also had numerous injuries to their arms and legs. Dead dry skin on their backs would peel off. The two-year-old also had a festering wound to her calf.

The four-year-old arrived at hospital with no pulse. She was later declared brain dead and was taken off life support. The two year old, although, in very poor condition did recover.

The biological mother of the children sobbed uncontrollably during the doctor’s testimony this morning and left the courtroom. She did not return this afternoon.

This is the second week of the trial.