The circumstances surrounding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to La Loche on Friday are grim. But even in the wake of Canada’s biggest school shooting, La Loche’s residents are busy preparing to accommodate Trudeau.

On Thursday morning, the Prime Minister’s office revealed that Trudeau’s expected trip to the community will be on Friday.

The day earlier – on Wednesday – community members in La Loche were busy figuring out where children can spend time as one of their few large venues needed to be cleared to prepare for Trudeau’s visit.

La Loche’s Friendship Centre has been ground zero for people to coordinate volunteers to deliver meals, organize supervision, and do other things needed in the community in a time of crisis.

Much of the staff have been too traumatized by the shooting to participate, meaning there’s been a bit of chaos as new people step up to take on the task of organizing.

A wake is scheduled for Friday, and local residents said Trudeau will likely be present to pay his respects.

Officially, none of the details of Trudeau’s visit have been revealed yet.