An RCMP forensics expert says there was DNA from both of the accused in a Regina child murder case — as well as the victim — on a number of items seized by police.

Among the items tested were human hairs, pyjama bottoms with duct tape on them, a cargo strap, strips of fabric and blood.  Peter McLaren testified the evidence showed a mixture of DNA from both of the accused and the victims on a number of the exhibits.

Tammy and Kevin Goforth are on trial for second-degree murder and causing bodily harm.  They were the legal guardians of two sisters in August of 2012 when the children were rushed to hospital.

Earlier testimony at the trial indicated the girls were severely malnourished, basically skin over wasted muscle and bones.  They were also covered in injuries from head to toe, including injuries to the genital area.

The four-year-old died in hospital.  The two-year-old recovered and is doing well.

Before testimony began, the judge reminded the jury that both prosecutors and defense lawyers have agreed that the Goforths were not responsible for any sexual assaults against the girls.

Prosecutors have only three more witnesses to call in the trial that began January 18.

Both Tammy and Kevin Goforth are expected to testify in their own defense.

The trial is expected to wrap up next week.