A temporary staffing shortage is forcing the Cumberland House Health Centre to shut down this weekend.

Services will not be available at the local clinic from 5 pm today until 8 am Monday.

Kelsey Trail Health Region spokesperson Peggy Ratcliffe ambulance services will be available in the event of an emergency.

“I just want to assure the residents of Cumberland House that, despite the fact that there is no nursing coverage in the community, that there is paramedic coverage and that their health care needs will be met,” she says.

Ratcliffe says this is not a regular occurrence, but it did happen as recently as Christmas.

“This is an unusual occurrence, it doesn’t happen very often,” she says. “I believe the last time it happened was right over the Christmas vacation. There was a weekend where we couldn’t find any nursing coverage at that time, too. And we were also able to provide paramedic coverage in that instance, as well.”

The clinic is normally staffed by nurses and a nurse practitioner.