With three days gone since an experienced trapper went missing while riding his snowmobile, Lac La Ronge is using all its resources to find him.

Billy Taylor, 36, was last seen leaving the Lac La Ronge community of Fox Point on a red 440 Polaris at about 6 p.m. on Dec. 17. He was heading to La Ronge, but his family notified the RCMP when they hadn’t seen him the following day.

Family and volunteers started looking for Taylor the same day the missing person report was filed – using underwater cameras and a remote-operated vehicle.

Taylor was last seen on the red 440 Polaris, wearing the same orange vest shown in the picture above.

He’s described as an experienced hunter and trapper with exceptional outdoor survival skills.

The Lac la Ronge Indian Band has numerous requests to make on behalf of his concerned family.

It asks people to continue the ground search, check their cabins, and to share any information they may have with police or Bill Taylor Sr.

The La Ronge RCMP number is 306-425-6730, and Taylor Sr.’s number is 306-420-5274.