On any given day more than 200 people will use the Lighthouse in Saskatoon as a place to sleep, and this includes severe alcoholics.

The Lighthouse opened up a 38-bed facility for intoxicated people who need a place to sleep it off over night.

General Manager, Dave Thiessen says he’s often asked if the Lighthouse makes a difference in people’s lives, with people saying things like “’Dave you work at the Lighthouse, that doesn’t look like a safe place to be,’ well that is so untrue,” said Thiessen.

“I have had the privilege of being here for about two years. I may have walked in with that perception in my mind as well, but once you get to know the clients we serve, they’re an amazing group of individuals. They just need to be loved and cared for in so many special ways.”

Thiessen says he’s witnessed many miracles when hopeless alcoholics turned their lives around finding sobriety.

He told a story about a client who was banned repeatedly for troubled behaviour when he was drunk, but then the man wrote a letter asking the Lighthouse for another chance to get sober.

“He’s regained custody of his 17-year old so, his 15-year-old son will be joining him for Christmas,” Thiessen said, choking back tears. “He’s clean and sober, Rob is an example of how important the Lighthouse and what we do.”