Representatives from five agencies were on hand at the Municipal Wildfire Response Public Forum on Tuesday night.

Over 100 people attended the forum in La Ronge last night, and got a detailed look at the emergency response which was put together to deal with wildfires and evacuations in the area last summer.

Presentations were made on behalf of the town of La Ronge, the Emergency Operations Centre, the Health Region, the RCMP and Indian Child and Family Services.

La Ronge Mayor Thomas Sierzycki says one of the things being worked on is an updated Emergency Measures Plan for the tri-communities area.

It will include all emergency response organizations, but also “I think in the actual comprehensive part, the emergency aspect of response from fire, police, EMS –  that won’t change very much because that is fairly good,” he said.

But things like essential services lists, Northern Animal Rescue, and transportation services are going to see changes.

“Certain things like that that we can improve on. And those are the changes that need to take place because we identified them as gaps,” he said.

La Ronge Fire Chief Ron Pratt says the plan is important because they need to address outlying communities, not just one town.

Sierzycki says one of the things already being worked on is a new Fire Smart Program for the town.

“Ensuring that a community does things prior to any fire season like thinning things out, having adequate CAT lines in a community,” he said.


Once the presentations were made, the meeting in La Ronge included a question and answer period for members of the public in attendance.