A twelve-person jury has found a Kinistin-Saulteaux area man guilty of second-degree murder.

Last week, the Melfort Court of Queen’s Bench trial for Jordan Thomas Lumberjack came to a close.

He was accused of stabbing his cousin Lance Severight to death in September of 2013.

Court heard testimony from 10 Crown witnesses total.

Last week they heard from Lumberjack, who was defense’s only witness.

During testimony at trial, where the man who performed the autopsy described Severight’s multiple stab wounds, many people left the courtroom sobbing.

Severight died to to blood loss on the way to hospital.

This isn’t the first time someone has died at Lumberjack’s hands.

Lumberjack had previously entered a manslaughter plea to killing Saskatoon man John Roy almost exactly eight years earlier.

A second-degree murder conviction is an automatic life sentence.

Defense and the Crown will have until Nov. 25 to decide on their submissions for Lumberjack’s parole eligibility.

When asked by the judge what their recommendations were, the jury stated it wanted Lumberjack to be eligible for parole in 10 years. That is the minimum allowed for this crime.