An RCMP officer who had been serving as a member of the Buffalo Narrows detachment earlier this year has been charged with sexual assault.

On May 20, an alleged sexual assault happened at a social event Constable Randy McKay had been attending at home in Dillon, while off duty.

The RCMP was alerted to this on June 1 and started investigating the complaint. This all happened quickly, said Staff Sergeant Ted Munro, with the RCMP North District Management Team.

“We were advised by the detachment commander in Buffalo that there had been an incident in Dillon, which we reported, through him, up to the district management team. As soon as we became aware of the allegations we began a comprehensive criminal investigation into the matter,” he said.

On Oct. 21, McKay was arrested on one count of sexual assault.

Munro says there’s no set timeline for how long it takes to go from a complaint to laying charges. An investigation is done, evidence is compiled then sent to the RCMP’s criminal operations in Regina. That is then sent to the Ministry of Saskatchewan Justice, whose Crown prosecutor then makes recommendations on charges.

After McKay was arrested and charged with sexual assault, he was released from custody on a number of conditions.

McKay was suspended with pay while the RCMP also initiated an internal code of conduct investigation – which is separate from the criminal matter.

That process commenced on June 8. Munro says the RCMP Act holds their officers to a higher standard than the general public.

“Our members are held accountable for their actions on and off duty, so basically what happens there is an internal investigation is launched into the conduct of the member,” he explained, adding “and that is dealt with in house.”

McKay is scheduled to appear in a Buffalo Narrows courtroom on Dec. 9.

He had been serving as an RCMP officer for almost three years, and has only worked in Saskatchewan in that capacity.