A Regina woman who complained about a Prince Albert Kijiji advertisement wants reconciliation between First Nations and non-First Nations.

Kijiji removed a housing rental ad that read “No Indians or dogs allowed” after Jeanne Labelle filed a complaint with the Internet advertiser.

Kijiji responded via e-mail to Labelle writing the ad was indeed offensive, not to mention against the law.

“I have one little complaint I guess, is that they don’t have a better filtering system. I think there should be some sort of a filter that would pick up on that because that ad would never have made it into a mainstream newspaper,” she said.

Labelle says she couldn’t believe it when she saw the advertisement.

“I believe racism is a result of lack of education, ignorance and lack of education. And I really believe in promoting healing. I’d like to see the result of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission seeing us going onto a healthier country,” she said.