UPDATE – From Ministry of Highways (11:15 am, Monday June 29):
As of 11:30 this morning, the ministry is piloting vehicles who wish to head south on Highway 2 from La Ronge to Prince Albert, beginning at the Highway 165 junction (Beauval cut-across), but ONLY WHEN IT’S SAFE.  No northbound traffic will be allowed through.

UPDATE – Statement from La Ronge Mayor Thomas Sierzycki (10:49 am, Monday, June 29):
-No fire threat to Town La Ronge at this time. Fire conditions are extreme in the region. No imminent threat.
-A Health Advisory (SMOKE) is in place for the La Ronge region.
-English Bay, Sucker River and Wadin Bay remain evacuated.
-Highway 2 by Weyakwin, Highway 102 north and Highway 969 are still closed.
-The Egg fire is about 12km away from La Ronge. Wildfire management is monitoring this fire. Leadership is being briefed on a regular basis by wildfire management and we will know more regarding this fire this afternoon.
-Municipal management teams are preparing for various scenario’s and all municipal services are operational.
-Active fire activity is making conditions serious in the region. Please exercise caution and be prepared.


UPDATE – Statement from Lac La Ronge Indian Band Chief Tammy Cook-Searson (10:35 am, Monday, June 29):
Ministry of Highways has advised that they will be convoying vehicles from Sucker  River to La Ronge at one-hour intervals, only when it is safe.  Only southbound traffic will be allowed through.  No northbound traffic will be allowed through.

UPDATE – From Doug Jmaeff, Ministry of Highways Supervisor of Operations (Monday, June 29):

Highway 2 in the vicinity of Weyakwin is closed ……
Highway 969….Molanosa road is closed for the entire length… 
Highway 914 is closed for the entire length… 
Highway 102 is closed for northbound traffic at the La Ronge airport intersection and at Sucker River intersection for southbound traffic…… It is also closed at the Grandmother’s Bay road intersection for northbound traffic…….and at Brabant Lake intersection for southbound traffic……..
Highway 165 remains open for the entire length…..


Efforts are being made to move residents of Grandmother’s Bay and Stanley Mission out of those communities today.

There is a short period of time in which they will be able to drive out because of the “Eli” wildfire in the area.

Lac La Ronge Indian Band Chief Tammy Cook-Searson says drivers heading south will be convoyed to La Ronge.

“Highway 102 is still closed, but they are going to be convoying vehicles heading southbound. So from Sucker River south to La Ronge, those are the only ones that will be let through.”

The drivers will be accompanied south once an hour as long as conditions allow today.

Other communities with evacuation notices include English Bay, Wadin Bay, Sucker River, Weyakwin, Ramsey Bay, Timber Bay and Montreal Lake.

On the west side, evacuations have been ordered for La Loche and the Clearwater River Dene Nation.

Roads that were closed on Sunday include Highway 102 north of La Ronge near the Don Allen ski trails, Highway 2 south of La Ronge in the Weyakwin area, Highway 969 in the Molanosa area and Highway 914 in the Pinehouse Lake area.

At last word, all of them were still closed.

Other people in the La Ronge area needing to arrange transportation to travel south for health reasons are asked to register today at the JRMCC.

This voluntary evacuation is for all members of the region, not just members of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band.

That includes residents of La Ronge, Air Ronge and surrounding communities.